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Download REVOLUTIONART international magazine - Issue 18 :Let's Rock

Issue : Let's Rock
Pages: 438 / 33,5 Mb
Read online | Download here
Guests: Dale May (U.S.), Sanjay Chand

Description: Raise the heavy spirits of Rock !


Download REVOLUTIONART international magazine - Issue 17 : Love

REVOLUTIONART 17 - March 2009
Issue : Love
Pages: 438 / Size: 34Mb
Read Online | Download here download Revolutionart 17
Guests: Bogdan Zwir (Russia), Mark Miremont (USA), Bettie Page Memorial, Simon Hoegsberg (Denmark)

Description: All you need is love, be inpired with it.


Download REVOLUTIONART international magazine - Issue 16 : Global Crisis

REVOLUTIONART 16 - January 2009
Issue : Global Crisis
Pages: 340 / Size: 31,5Mb
Read Online | Download here download Revolutionart16
Guests: Dust For Likfe (USA), Skew Siskin (Germany)

Description: Economists are wrong, the banks are closing, the stock markets fall, the brokers commit suicide ... And why? because of money ...


Download REVOLUTIONART international magazine - Issue 15 : Dreams

REVOLUTIONART 15 - November 2008
Issue : Dreams
Pages: 332 / Size: 34,5Mb
Read online | Download here download Revolutionart 15
Guests: Nina C Alice (Germany), Andrzej Dragan (Poland)

Description: Don't let anyone stop you.You are what you think, follow your dreams!


Download REVOLUTIONART international magazine - Issue 14 : I Believe

REVOLUTIONART 14 - September 2008
Issue : I Believe
Pages: 304 / Size: 23,8Mb
Read Online | Download here Download Revolutionart 14
Guests: Richard Best (USA)

Description: Religions are everywhere. We like to enlight the way with the truth. What are your beliefs?


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REVOLUTIONART 13 - July 2008
Issue : Politics
Pages: 340 / Size: 33,3Mb
Read online | Download here Download Revolutionart 13 - Politics
Guests: Michael Dawidowicz (Au), Matt Mignanelli(USA), Bambi (Deu), Justin Lassen(USA), Joey Lawrence(Ca), Fernanda Cohen, Brian Viveros

Description: Political global changes.



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